Summer Knitting Sale
Published On: June 28, 2010

In an effort do debunk the notion that knitting is only for the cold weather months (pardon my northern hemisphere bias, I know it’s not hot everywhere right now), and in a fairly shameless attempt to help have a bit more cash on hand when I get to the silk retreat at Port Ludlow, I’m having a sale.  All my sock patterns that usually sell for $5.50 will be on sale for $4.00 for the next week.  In addition, if you buy two of these $4.00 patterns you can choose a third pattern for free.  Just send me a note (either email or ravelry message is fine, my email address is hunter @ violently domestic . com and my ravelry user name is hunter) letting me know which ones you bought and which one you’d like and I’ll send it right out to you.

Editing to add:  Yes, it scales.  That is, if you buy 4 patterns I’m happy to send you 2 free ones.  And of course if you want me to send one of your free patterns to a friend through ravelry I can do that too.  Just let me know what you need!

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