A Wee Excursion
Published On: July 6, 2010

I’m packing (the suitcase sort of packing, not the illicit weaponry sort).  It’s not just regular trip packing.  I’m actually pretty darn good at that.  It’s knitting trip packing.  Somehow this is ever so much more complicated.  Especially in this case, as there is dyeing and spinning paraphanallia in addition to the standard knitting supplies.  You see, I leave on Thursday for the Yarn Harlot’s Silk Retreat.

It is a bit indulgent, but I’m heading out a day early.  I feel a tiny twinge of guilt, but not much.  One of my few regrets from Sock Summit was not having allowed myself much time to explore Portland and Oregon.  I managed to steal a day away from classes in the middle, but it was not enough.  I’m making up for that lapse at next year’s Sock Summit.  The Oregon Brewers Festival is ever so conveniently scheduled to overlap with Sock Summit 2011.  This, combined with the general allure of Portland, was enough to convince The Boy that we should go together next time.  Still, I totally learned my lesson and scheduled some extra down time on this trip.

Now in theory I’ll have internet access while I’m gone, and I should even be able to update the website.  Alas, theories are occasionally disproved.  Even if I do have access, I may be too busy indulging in yarny goodness to spend much time typing.  Worst case scenario, I’ll report back when I return.

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