Published On: July 14, 2010

I know how to pack a suitcase.  I really do.  I have lots of experience with it.  I’ve packed delicate easter eggs, I’ve packed antique distaffs, I’ve packed 12 bottles of booze in 2 tiny suitcases.  I have never had anything break.  Not one thing.  Not jam jars, not plates, not tiny bits of carved wood.  Not even when these breakable things were accompanied by big rocks (one of the other things I tend to cart home, they make great bookends).  Nothing.

Until yesterday.  Yesterday the baggage handler gods decided to smite me.  While I was in Washington I picked up a bottle or two of some locally produced adult beverages, a big jar of honey, and a tiny bit of yarn.  These were all planned purchases, meaning my I left plenty of room in my suitcase for them.

My traditional precautions didn’t seem to matter.  When my suitcase came trundling off the conveyor belt it was open, dripping, and sticky.  The jar of honey had broken, my conditioner had come open, and a bottle of nail polish was smashed.  Have you ever tried to smash a bottle of nail polish?  It’s pretty hard to do.  You have to really work at it.  The baggage handlers seem to have been determined to give me all of my luggage mishap karma at once. I’m fairly sure they tied my suitcase on a long string and let it dangle behind the plane.

Luckily, all of the yarn had gone in my carry on.  The theory was that if they lost my clothes, I could stay home in my pajamas and knit.  Whereas if they lost my yarn, I’d have to put on my clothes and go out in the world and be a grownup.  They didn’t lose anything, but I am getting to experiment with the most efficient ways to wash honey and conditioner out of an entire suitcase full of dirty clothes.  I think the only thing to say is that it’s better than trying to wash honey and conditioner out of a suitcase full of yarn.

While I deal with that, you can look at the picture I meant to post last time.  I assure you it’s more soothing than looking at the laundry pile.

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