Book Yarn, Part IX
Published On: July 26, 2010

This picture is a blatant lie.  It shows the lovely Shibui Knits yarn in Sock in the color Honey.  That part that’s all well and good.  The lie part is the color.  In a fickle moment, I ended up switching from the Honey you see here to the equally lovely Sand.  Alas, I shamefully neglected to take a picture of the yarn in Sand before sending it off to get knit.  I’m really hoping that this is the biggest organizational snafu I encounter in doing this book.  The chances are small, but a girl can dream.

I first found Shibui Knits last year in Maine. I just went and looked for the picture I took of all the yarn I bought on that trip.  I was sure I’d posted it, but I couldn’t find it on the website.  Since it’s my site, and I totally use it help keep track of when and where I bought what, I’m posting it now.  You can see my inagural skeins of Shibui Sock just there on the right, one up from the bottom.  They were the first.  They were not the last.  It’s excellent stuff, and it comes in a whole host of marvelously wearable/reasonable/grown up colors.  I love purple and pink and sparkle glitter fluff as much as the next girl, but blue and gray and brown fit a whole lot better in my wardrobe.  Shibui makes those colors and they make them well.

On a side note, do you see all that yarn? That’s a fair bit of yarn.  That picture was taken in the hotel room the night before we flew home from Maine (note the extra ugly hotel upholstery fabric visible in the upper left corner if you doubt me).  That was the trip where I managed to cram all that yarn, plus 12 bottles of adult beverages, plus all the unimportant stuff we had brought with us like clothes and shoes and books into two wee suitcases.  The sort of suitcases that would have been carry on bags until about five years ago.  Not one thing broke.  Everything fit just perfectly.  When I said I was good at packing, I meant it.  The resentment over the honey incident is apparently still with me.

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