One or the Other
Published On: August 28, 2010

So apparently I have time to either knit, or to write about knitting, but not both (at least not unless I let my commitments to either personal hygiene or basic housekeeping practices slip even further, which isn’t really a viable option at the moment).  I can assure you that my prolonged quiet does at least mean there is knitting being done.

Well, not at this particular moment.  Right now I’m packing.  You see, I’m off for a bit of a jaunt next week to Nova Scotia.  I hope to return with completed sock pictures for Gramercy.  The pattern is finished (save for the final read through which usually reveals at least one extra space or missing comma), and as soon as I’ve got pictures I’ll be ready to release it.  I’d also like to return with some yarn.  Nova Scotia is the home of Fleece Artist and their sister company Handmaiden.  Their wares can apparently be found at the famed Baddeck Yarns.  I could suggest that I mean to be restrained and responsible in my yarn purchases, but I really have no intention of doing any such thing.  I more or less plan on buying anything that sings to me, and I’m bringing a large suitcase.  Anything else I should check out in NS?  I’m totally soliciting suggestions (restaurants and general sights as well as purveyors of yarn of course).

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