Unintended Restraint
Published On: September 21, 2010

The plan was to just get whatever I wanted.  I really don’t buy much yarn, I use what I buy (and the accountant swears it’s a business expense), and yarn is a better souvenir than a postcard.  I intended to indulge.  Apparently giving yourself permission to buy it all ahead of time is some sort of counter-intuitive way to insure self restraint.

We only visited two yarn stores.  The first was Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay.  There I got the Hand Maiden Casbah (over there on the far left).  I’ve been a fan of Casbah for a long time.  It’s what I used in Slant and Graupel, and I’m using a close cousin of it in the book.  Alas, this one didn’t have a color name.  I also got the Tanis Fiber Arts yarn in Stormy (in the middle).  I’ve not seen their yarn before, but it looks lovely and I’m looking forward to using it.

Next up was Baddeck Yarns in (not surprisingly) Baddeck.  There I found another old favorite, Fleece Artist Trail Socks in Marble Mountain (at the back).  It’s apparently a custom colorway available only in that area.  It’s a bit more multi-colored than I usually go for, but I was smitten.  The final one (at the front) was another new find.  It’s Blue Heron Yarns Silk and Silver in Marsh Grass.  I’ve never used sparkly yarn before and have always wanted to try it.

I might have dragged home a bit more, save that one yarn store was closed for the hurricane and two others were closed for the holiday.  As soon as the various book projects are finished up (Heather’s WWMDfK sock is almost done) one of these will be the next on the needles.  Now to decide which one…

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