Talk To Me About Hats
Published On: October 6, 2010

I have a friend who is having a really crummy couple of months and needs a hat (hi babe, I’m totally soliciting advice on your behalf, trust me it’s better this way).  Now I’ve never made a hat, but I want to try.  Not only have I never knit a hat, I don’t think I’ve ever even worn a hat any time after I started dressing myself.  I have a big head and a lot of hair.  This doesn’t lend itself to hats.  So I need some guidance.

I have two skeins (about 300 yards total) of Malabrigo Twist in Indiecita.  This stuff is super soft and just the right color for my friend.  Even better, I think 300 yards will be plenty for a hat with some left over for the inevitable botch ups that will come along somewhere in the process.  It’s also just gorgeous and I had grand plans for it and somehow it feels better to make this hat out of something from the ‘special’ stash.  It needs to be full of good thoughts, and that starts with the yarn.

So talk to me about hats.  Top-down or toe brim-up?  Form-fitting or slouchy?  Plain or fancy?  And finally, and this is perhaps the most important bit, make my own or go find a pattern?  I’ve not knit from a pattern for ages.  What can I say, I resist instruction.  But, since this will be my first hat and since I want to get it done some time soon, maybe I should try it. So dish folks.  Share favorite hat patterns and any generalized hat suggestions.

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