Crazed Chickens
Published On: October 11, 2010

Ya know the end of a big project, when all those little things you’ve been putting off because they ‘will only take five minutes’ all have to get done at once?   Yeah.  We’re in that stage for the book.

There are photo shoots, which means buying poster board and making that one pesky swatch I forgot about and getting a haircut and doing up yarn samples and spending some serious time with a lint roller.  There are final read throughs, which have totally justified my highlighter addiction (it’s perfectly valid to need a key to remember which color of highlighter means what, right?).  There are layout discussions, in which two grown women debate which swoopy pretty swirly symbol should go where with a level of conviction that seems quite ridiculous in retrospect.

In short, it’s crunch time.  I’m freaking out just a tiny bit.  If I disappear for a day or two, it’s because I’m paralyzed by an avalanche of minuscule decisions and haven’t had time to do anything that would be of the slightest interest to an outside observer.  I promise to come back with my gauge-swatch-turned-mitts-and-soon-to-be-a-hat once I can.

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