Signs of Life
Published On: October 31, 2010

I have done a thorough investigation and can now confidently say that being sick sucks.  Refusing to lay down and rest so as to get better seems to prolong being sick.  Doing even more stuff than usual because you’re busy and things need to get done seems to actually make it worse.  Despite my very best efforts, I appear not to be able to will this germ away and have had to actually lay down and rest as opposed to saying I will lay down and rest and completely neglecting to do so.  I really don’t think this is fair and would like to lodge a complaint with the appropriate authority.  Please do let me know if you find contact information for said authority.

I have actually managed to get a fair bit of knitting done (while resting…in bed…under blankets…with hot tea and other strengthening medicines ready to hand).  Heather’s sock is clicking away (I’m past the tricky point and it now also qualifies as easy knitting) and needs only an inch or two of foot plus a toe to be finished.  The zombie sock is also going well and I continue to be unreasonable smitten with it given that it is such a simple little thing.  It’s made with Creatively Dyed Yarn’s Luxury in Weston.  I picked it up in Pittsburgh back in February.  Amazingly enough, when these are finished I will have used all the yarn in that photo.  The top one turned into Diluvian, the purplish-gray one turned into Peregrinate, the pink one turned into Anemochory, and the last one is on the needles.  This is almost unheard of.  It seems I generally like to let yarn marinate in my stash for a year or two before deciding to bring it out and use it.

And thanks to everyone for your thoughts on the camera/ipad/wheel decision.  I have a feeling I’ll get the camera first, as it is more or less a reasonable business expense and will be useful for future big projects.  The wheel and ipad are more toys and alas, will have to wait.

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