Completely Smitten
Published On: November 11, 2010

So it turns out I like hats.  That sound you just heard was my mother gasping.  We lived in the mountains for two years when I was in high school.  I went skiing just about every weekend there was enough snow to hide the grass (and one or two memorable weekends there wasn’t).  I never wore a hat.  I would occasionally (and under great duress) grudgingly consent to wear a little ear band to keep my hair out of my face and keep the tips of my ears from turning blue and falling off…but never a hat.

Turns out if you make your own they fit your head (my giant 24.5 inch head), they are not itchy, they are not in stupid colors, and the just generally do not suck.  Now I may still look dorky in them, but since I look kinda dorky out of them, I don’t think it’s really fair to blame that on the hat.

Of course this hat isn’t for me, but there will be one on the needles for me in the near future.  They’re fast, you can use satisfyingly giant yarn, and that decrease part on the top seems to offer a lot of potential for experimentation.  I foresee a glut of hats on the horizon.  Alas, I don’t think you can reasonably have as many hats as you can socks.  If you are closely related to me by blood or marriage and want to subject yourself to my hat experimentation, let me know.  Pics of the hat that started this all as soon as I get a willing victim model to come pose for me.

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