Published On: December 14, 2010

I had a really annoying amount of yarn left when I finished the Rochester hat.  It was too much to just toss in the scraps basket (used to be a jar, then it was a vase, now it’s moved onto large basket status…something may soon have to be done about that), but it wasn’t nearly enough for another hat.  I didn’t have another skein (it’s Aslan Trends Bariloche in Tango Reds).  I had added it to a Webs order to bring my total up to the magical free shipping/nice shiny discount level.  It was purchased on a whim, and I didn’t want more enough to make a special order just for it.  My local yarn store didn’t have any on hand.

I decided to just wing it.  What I really wanted was wrist warmers, but I knew whatever I made would have to be small.  I have an unreasonable fondness for wrist warmers.  They actually seem to keep me warmer (no idea how, as they’re just little scraps of fabric, but they do).  I divided the yarn in half.  A moment’s work with the scale and calculator suggested that I had about 30 yards for each one.  I know that my head is about 3 times as big around as my wrist, so I cast on 1/3 as many stitches as I used for the hat, and went to town.  An hour later I had a tiny but unreasonably amusing little wrist warmer. It’s only about 4 inches high, but I’m completely smitten.  The little leaf leaning off toward my thumb fills me with glee.  I had all of a yard of yarn left when I was done, which is also marvelously satisfying.  I’ll likely be making the other tonight.  It might be the best thing thing I’ve ever done with 30 yards of yarn.

And you may note I took the lazy (or is that cold) way out when it came time for this photo.  I tried going outside, but quickly decided that was a terrible mistake.  Instead I opened the window and leaned way out.  It’s a compromise between getting decent light and not getting frostbite.  And because someone will likely ask, the mitt is on the marvelous blocker made by the multi-talented Lizzy.  If you make mitts or mittens you owe it to yourself to get a set.  They’re as useful as they are lovely.

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