Wee Tiny Hat
Published On: December 16, 2010

As you may recall, the other day my friend and I had an unexpectedly long trip to the yarn store.  Her kids were along with us and were absolute darlings.  The oldest wore a jaunty hat for much of the trip.  Given his demonstrated fondness for hats (and my recent infatuation with them), the next step was clear.  I would have to make him a hat.

After checking with his mom to be sure that it was ok, I brought over a half dozen or so different yarns and asked him which one he liked best.  He picked out this lovely Valley Yarns Berkshire in Blue Ming.  We then discussed the shape of hats.  I asked if he liked them to be round, or floppy, or pointy.  He allowed as how pointy was best but only if it was just a little bit pointy.

My marching orders in hand, I cast on for this last night and in just an hour or two it was done.  It’s as simple as can be, 3×1 ribbing with three of the ribs sporting a simple cable.  The crown decreases were done more slowly than for a skull cap to give it (what I hope will be) the appropriate degree of pointyness.  I think it will actually be a bit less pointy when it’s on a head rather than on a mixing bowl.  My selection of head-sized bowls is fairly limited, and I don’t think this one is actually all that close to the size of the head in question.

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