A Lovely Few Days
Published On: December 26, 2010

Went quiet for a few days there, sorry about that.  We were holed up playing at hibernating.

We did a bit of ice cream making.  We are, by the way, ice cream geniuses.  Our first batch is some of the tastiest ice cream I’ve ever had.  That swirl is salty caramel.  Because I like you and want you to have a happy and productive life (and because I don’t want your pants to fit any better than mine) I will tell you how to make it some time in the next week or two.  We atoned for our caramel-y sins with lots of soup and salad the rest of the weekend.

As promised, we also played rather a lot of board games.  Agricola, Dominion, and Pandemic are old favorites, and we were also lucky enough to add Arkham Horror to our roster over the holiday.  You’ve got to love a game with a 30 page rule book, right?  If the first round doesn’t take three hours and at least a dozen consultations with the rules, the game isn’t complicated enough.  It’s starting to seem like we might need a bigger dining room table though.  Ours gets rather full when we have a nice long game underway.

There was also a little bit of knitting.  The Boy’s hat got a roof.  Then it turned out the whole thing was a weeeeeeeee bit too short, so I ripped back the top and made it about half an inch longer.  It is now the proper length which is, according to The Boy, ‘almost but not quite to the bottom of the ear.’  I personally find this too long.  I like my hats to just nip the tops of my ears.  Any longer and they come perilously close to encroaching upon my eyebrows.  It seems his his eyebrows are better up to fending off hats than mine are though, and the newly elongated hat passes muster.  We took it for a walk to make sure it worked.  It seems to, though I foresee more testing in the future (just to be sure you understand).  A pair of matching mitts are on the needles now.  These will likely be for me though, as he finds wool to be itchy if it’s pressed up against his wrists.  I would complain, but it means I get to keep the mitts, so it’s not exactly a hardship.

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