Not A Jellyfish
Published On: December 29, 2010

I think I (scandalously) neglected to show you an on-the-head pic for the blue poufy hat.  Bowl shots more or less work for round hats, not so much for poufy hats.  We took a little stroll through a local park on Christmas and got pictures of the red hat and the blue hat and The Boy’s hat. Apparently my hair is pretty much exactly the same color as leafless willow branches.  Who knew?  I’m still having some internal qualms about how to wear a poufy hat…my inclination is to send it off to the side, but the proper way seems to be to send it straight back.  I will likely decide I don’t care and just wear it however it happens to fall (my general approach for hair, so why wouldn’t it work for hats).

We did not, alas, get pictures of Truckle.  I’m trying to wimp out and find a way to take those inside.  It’s cold here and taking the pictures takes a surprisingly long time.  I foresee cannibalizing all the lamps in the house and seeing if I can pull it off in a warmer location.

And now for a brief scheduling note.  The pattern for the red hat and mitts should be out right at the beginning of January.  A week or so later (depending on the success of that lamp plan) Truckle should be out.  Then, in February, The Boy’s hat and mitts and the blue hat and mitts seen here will be out too.  And then?  Then?  I’m gonna make some more socks.  Wouldn’t want to forget how!

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