Not A Sock
Published On: January 13, 2011

I think the sock gods are angry at me for my recent hat dalliance.  I keep overhearing murmurs that sound like ‘three good years of faithful friendship’ and ‘ungrateful upstart’ and ‘feckless dilettante.’  All of which is my way of saying that take two from yesterday may also be a bit too variegated.  It’s been set aside while I ponder its fate.  The secret sock is going well (smashingly well really), so I do have some hope that the sock gods haven’t completely cast me out for my inconstant ways.  It could just be an attempt to torment me though by making me have pretty knitting I can’t show you.

To console myself, I cast on a hat.  My mom has recklessly valiantly offered up her head for hatting.  Boy hats are fairly easy.  Boys tend to give one word answers to questions about color (blue, gray, brown), and as a rule, they’re less concerned about hair issues than are girls.  Girls tend to have much stronger feelings about hat color (a darkish red with brown undertones and no hint of orange) and to have hairstyles that require more consideration.  After a bit of consultation, we decided on this purple.

It’s the new Everlasting 12 ply from Dream in Color in Amethyst.  (There doesn’t seem to be any information about Everlasting on the DiC site, so I linked to the Webs page for it.  It’s not part of an evil plot to make you shop there, it’s just where I bought mine, and there’s not much in the way of non-store info out there about it just yet.)  I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this since I heard about it a few months ago, and I’m thrilled with it so far.  I tend to love the yarns with a bunch of tiny plies.  They seem to have fabulous stitch definition, and they don’t go fuzzy after washing.  This yarn is no exception.  I have a feeling I will need to pick up a few more skeins (just to confirm that I like them too…in the interest of science you understand…especially that Rain Cloud color…that one needs further investigation immediately).  There is also an 8 ply sock yarn version of this that I’m now coveting.  You’ll note this purple is also a lovely semi solid (variegated yarns and I are not really on speaking terms at the moment) and so in no danger of being ripped out in a fit of pique.

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