Published On: January 19, 2011

Now while I don’t generally condone matching outfits, I think there may possibly be an exception for hats. Especially hats that don’t really match so much as share some characteristics. The exception is even easier to grant if the hats will generally adorn the heads of people who live in different states. Really, the chances of these hats being worn at the same time in the same place is pretty low. The risk of hat duplication embarrassment would be far higher with a hat from Target, right?  I’m declaring it an acceptable risk.

The first hat was made for my mom, but I was so overcome with glee at both the pattern and the yarn (Dream in Color Everlasting DK) that I had to make myself one too.  There was more than enough yarn in one skein to make both hats.  I have a feeling that this is going to become my go to hat yarn.  I need to get my hands on some of the sock yarn too.  Proper pictures (with heads rather than bowls) and a pattern to come shortly!

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