Morning Routine
Published On: January 24, 2011

Collect camera and knitting and go downstairs.  Make a note of the temperature.  Wish fervently that there were two digits in the number instead of one.  Put the water on for tea (this stuff, I’m addicted).  Put on a pot of oatmeal.  Put on a sweater and hat and shoes.  Go out on the back porch.  Think filthy things about the wind and its effect on exposed skin.  Recall that the pot of oatmeal puts a built in time limit on this little bout of picture taking and get butt in gear.  Whack knitting down on the porch railing.  Waggle fingers around to encourage circulation.  Get a few quick and dirty snapshots totally abandoning artistic merit in the hopes of avoiding frostbite.  Come inside (don’t forget the knitting and the camera) and hop up and down on top of the heating vent for a moment.  Finish oatmeal.  Feed the blog.

And yes, for those plaing careful attention, there are two separate pieces of knitting.  They’re both due to get a wee bit taller, and then I’m due to spend some serious time indulging my unnatural fondness for grafting (no really, it’s awesome, I like it).  The two piece approach seemed the best way to keep the little ruffly edge with which I am so unreasonable smitten.  And it’s lace, it will look amazingly more polished once blocked.  Give me a day or two and it will be much less rumpled.

P.S. The color is a wee bit off.  It’s actually a bit closer to the green in the previous picture.  If I were a good website monkey, or if it were warmer outside, I’d fix it.  But I’m not.  It’s not.  We’ll just pretend the yarn went a bit blue around the edges with cold.

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