Published On: January 31, 2011

The pattern for the Coruscate hat and mitt set is (finally) out.  This was my first slouchy hat, and you watched it grow and watched me figure out how to block it to achieve proper levels of pouf (it turns out that the secret to blocking success was a giant but short bowl).

I finished these way back at the end of November, and have been using them ever since.  But it was only yesterday that I had my lovely friend Lauren over to model them for me.  They look much more stylish on her (on me, they look warm and snugly, on her, they look awesome).  I’ll admit I’m jealous!

If you want to make your own, head over here and check them out.

We also took some pictures of the magical, sanity restoring purple hats, so that pattern should be out soon too.  I’ve also got the pattern for one of The Boy’s hats all ready to go.  My delay is just shameful.  If I don’t show up here with a new pattern next week and the week after, poke me with a sharp stick and tell me to get a move on.

Up next, some lacy green mitts to go with the cowl.

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