Published On: February 9, 2011

Thanks to everyone who entered.  It seems that you guys are as taken with Dream in Colors marvelous work as I am.  I’m happy to announce that Ariel and Andrea were the lucky commenters (as chosen by  I’ve sent off emails asking for their mailing addresses and will mail out the yarn as soon as I hear back (which is good, as I might fall too deeply in love with it if I keep it around any longer…sending yarn away is hard).

Meanwhile, in actual knitting news, anyone remember these guys?  The sock I cast on in Nova Scotia?  Back in, oh, um, September?  Yeah.  I’d kinda forgotten about them too.  Well, not really forgotten.  I knew they were there, but I’d allowed them to slide into the pile of stuff lurking in the back of my mind.  The stuff about which I feel a bit guilty…just not guilty enough to actually do anything.  Don’t look at me like that, you have that pile too.

But, Monday morning, I had a dentist appointment (just a cleaning, part of my ongoing quest to successfully imitate a responsible adult).  I went to grab some waiting room knitting, and I had nothing.  No hats, no mitts, no cowls, not even a sock.  I do have a second sock that I need to cast on, but it’s a finicky thing to set up and the dentist’s waiting room wasn’t the place to do it. Then I found these guys.  I’d more or less forgotten how much I like them.  I’ll likely finish the first one tonight.

Of course then I have to remember what I did, write it down, and make a second one.  But this is still progress.

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