Back On The Needles
Published On: February 15, 2011

The drought is over.  After my unaccustomed knitting holiday, I finally got some yarn on the needles last night.  Of course you will have to take my word for it, because what I knit was a swatch.  Well actually a couple of swatches.  More than that, they are swatches for a proposal for someone else’s project.  That means they must remain secret.

That also means doing a real and proper swatch.  A full on, knit it, *decide ‘huh, that part would be better if I did this other thing,’ rip it, reknit it with this new idea incorporated, repeat from * until slightly addled, soak it, block it, and photograph it.  Usually, I ‘swatch’ as I start a project.  That means the first inch of the first sock is often ripped a few times, but I find it simpler.

I’ve actually found it surprisingly satisfying to make myself do it this way.  It gives me that lovely ordered feeling that you get when you work through a fiddly math product successfully or put all the laundry away or weave in your ends in an exceptionally tidy fashion.  This may reveal something unflattering about me and my tendency towards order (I do line up the books on my bookcase with a ruler), but I’ve decided it’s fairly harmless and I will indulge this little quirk.

But those swatches are done, so some more visible knitting should be on the needles soon.

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