Published On: February 27, 2011

I know, you’ve been waiting for these for awhile.

You guys totally talked me in to doing them. They started out as my ‘too sick to think’ socks.  I really didn’t think you would be interested in them, but it seems you like them! Of course the super-simple to knit socks turned out to be unexpectedly challenging to write up.

Once the cold medicine-induced brain fog lifted, I got it figured out.  Lots of lovely folks helped me test them to be sure that the instructions were clear.

Then, well, then I stuck them in my ‘to be photographed’ basket and let them hang out for two months.  It was too cold to go frolicking outside without shoes, and I didn’t think I could get the pictures I wanted inside.

Enter my new boyfriend camera.

Yeah, I finally broke down and bought a grown up camera.  It took me a long time.  I had to talk myself into it.  But it was so totally worth it.

I can now take pictures inside…you know, that place where the furnace works and where it very rarely rains (not never, there was that one really unfortunate experience, but rarely).  That means pictures will be much less weather-dependent.  This bodes well for timely pattern releases.  Of course it means I will have to be sure to vacuum before I take pictures, but that’s likely easier than waiting for a warm dry sunny day in this part of the world.

If you’ve been waiting for these, head over and check them out.

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