Wanna Take a Trip?
Published On: March 4, 2011

Back in the summer of 2009, The Boy and I took a little trip to Maine.  That was in the early days of this website, and I was shamefully remiss in writing about it.  The only real mention of it I can find is here.  Despite my uncharacteristic reticence about the trip, I can assure you it was lovely.  That was in large part because we were taking a course at White Head Light Station.  The setting, the food, and the people were all splendid.  The only problem was that the course wasn’t about knitting (it was about beer, so it wasn’t exactly a hardship, but it still wasn’t about knitting).

With a bit of gentle persuasion, the charming folks who run White Head have been convinced to mend their ways.  They are now offering a knitting course.  The multi-talented Shannon Okey (the mastermind behind Cooperative Press) is teaching, and it looks like it will be a fabulous week.  If you’re planning a summer vacation (or you’re one of the folks upset that Sock Summit is just so far west), you owe it to yourself to check it out.  Let’s see if we can show White Head just how dedicated knitters are!

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