Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No
Published On: March 10, 2011

It seemed like a good plan at the time.  It really did.  The lovely Lauren, she who is kind enough to model for me so often, needs a hat.  We discussed hats and the colors and shapes in which hats can be made.  We measured.  I marveled at the size of her head (really, it’s 2 inches smaller than mine, I’m so jealous).  I swatched.  I cast on.  I knit.

Then…then I realized that the thing on my needles sucked.  It wasn’t ‘a little rough.’  It wouldn’t ‘all come out when blocked.’  It didn’t need ‘just a few more rows to look right.’  It just wasn’t good.  At all.  I was going to just rip and pretend it never happened.  I was, in fact, quite proud of myself for deciding to rip now rather than after doing another five or six rows just to make sure.  Then I remembered that total and complete failure makes fine blog fodder.  Shameless I know, but that’s how it is.  So, without further ado…the first two inches of a really crappy hat.

Don’t worry Lauren, it’s getting ripped, I wouldn’t do that to you!

Now this is actually an instructive example.  There is nothing wrong with the yarn.  There is nothing wrong with that cable.  It’s just that the two together don’t work (at least not on that needle size).  The yarn is a bit too fuzzy and rustic and thick to work with that cable.  It just doesn’t look polished.  It doesn’t have the drape I want.  It’s clunky.

I’m not tossing the yarn.  It’s a perfectly fine yarn and will look good if used with a different stitch.  I actually have a plan for it that I will reveal later.  I’m just ditching this combo.

Actually, I’m not even ditching the cable.  I kind of love the cable.  It just needed a different yarn.  I’m thinking this one.  Isn’t that better?

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