Nothing to See Here
Published On: April 18, 2011

This is more or less a filler post (sorry, but it’s true).  Let’s just consider it proof I’m not dead and I haven’t stopped knitting all together.  Alas, it rather feels like I have.  Most of my knitting of late has been book swatches.  These, while fun, don’t really result in finished objects.  Well, I suppose the swatches themselves are finished objects (I’m totally keeping them in a pretty little bowl and calling them decoration when the whole lot of them are done), but they’re not satisfying in the way a useful finished object is.

This is the next stage of Lauren’s hat (now slightly taller than before, how terribly exciting).  I actually finished the knitting yesterday.  I’m fiddling with the blocking and shaping now.  This one takes a bit of encouragement to crumple and rumple in the proper way.  I want to take a few pictures of the process so I can explain it in the pattern.  I’m quite pleased with it and will reveal all its slouchy glory later this week.

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