Good Omens
Published On: April 29, 2011

I am more or less the least superstitious person you’re ever likely to meet.  I don’t believe in ghoulies or ghosties, signs or spirits.  I am, at least most of the time, alarmingly practical and frightfully level headed (or, as some have suggested, soulless and dead inside, whichever you prefer).  That said, I do rather like the instruction that came in my fortune cookie last night.

Now of course I know that fortunes are written to be as broadly appealing and as generally applicable as possible.  That’s why they work.  But I feel like expanding my horizons is exactly what I’m doing.

I’ve been having all sorts of exciting conversations of late.  Exciting, but not the sort of talks I ever expected to be having.  I’m more or less used to chatting with yarn companies by now.  After all, yarn companies tend to be run by knitters or at lest by people who have a high degree of knitting awareness.  They’re not likely to think the idea of ‘knitting book’ is too terribly odd.  It doesn’t take me too much work to gather up my courage and get in touch.

But now I also find I’m chatting with photographers and graphic designers.  For some reason, I find this a bit more intimidating.  Explaining the idea of ‘knitting book’ to folks who don’t have quite the same degree of knitting awareness can be a tiny bit awkward.  But, and this is the nifty part, so far it’s been entirely fabulous.  There seems to be a general respect for creative enterprise that lets them be excited about the project even if the subject isn’t one that resonates with them.  It’s really quite marvelous.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this next book is going to be exceptionally nifty.

And yes those are actual book swatches in actual book yarns.  The whole thing is coming together brilliantly.  I’m just itching to get my hands on the finished pieces.

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