New Friend
Published On: May 7, 2011

You all know Alphonse by now.  He has proven himself an exceptionally helpful house guest.  Since things worked out so well with him, I have decided to take on another boarder.

Please meet Percival.

According to the seller, Percival is a vintage unglazed porcelain rubber glove form. I’m imagining some sort of assembly line with hundreds of them hanging from belts and getting dipped in vats of molten rubber.  I have no idea if this is at all accurate, but it’s an interesting visual.  Don’t spoil it for me if I’m wrong.

I intend to put Percival to work modeling an assortment of frilly fingerless gloves.  Why such a manly name for such a lacy task I couldn’t tell you.  But it’s clear his name is Percival, so there’s really no arguing.

When he’s not modeling, he’ll be lounging on my bookcase giving a much needed creepy touch to my decor.

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