Nomenclature and the Vagaries Thereof
Published On: May 11, 2011

I can never quite decide if this sort of thing is helpful, or dreadfully immodest.  The most recent episodes of two charming podcasts had some nice things to say about the book.  The first is The Knit Girllls (at about 20 minutes in) and the second is Stash and Burn (at about 34 minutes in).  I’m thinking at this point I should stop mentioning such things.  I have a suspicion that if you’re here and reading, you’ve likely realized the book is there and have already decided if you’d like to have it.  I must confess though that I will totally continue to listen to them and to grin like a fool when other people like it.

Perhaps more importantly, I’m realizing that I should have come up with some sort of pronunciation guide for the socks.  It’s one of the things I thought about when I was working on it.  I know some of the names are hard to spell or say.  I could have given them more accessible names, but I really wanted to stay with the theme and name the socks for the rugs that inspired them.  I’m thinking the best option at this point is to add in a pronunciation guide to the various ravelry pages.  Though I must confess I’m hopeless at turning those mysterious symbols into actual sounds, so it may take me a bit to get it sorted out.

This issue, in a slightly different form, is actually something I’m wrestling with for the next book.  The patterns all have a historical (shall we say scientific?) inspiration.  The subject matter gives me lots of material to work with, but it does run into some naming issues.  What do you guys think, would you rather have nice easy to say, easy to spell names, or do you prefer things a bit more on the eclectic side?

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