A Knitterly Sort of Place
Published On: May 17, 2011

I love my office.  It’s just about the most me-ish place in the whole house.  Two of the walls are lined with tall bookcases, all filled to bursting with my (obsessively organized and perfectly aligned) books. The floors are covered in lovely rugs.  The walls (what you can see of them) are dark red and hung with old framed maps of places The Boy and I have explored on our travels.  One corner is occupied by a ancient tatty arm chair.  Next to it is an old card catalog filled with all my sock yarn.  If you wanted to get to know me you could do worse than to spend ten minutes exploring my office.

I tell you all this to explain the picture in this post.  This is the one empty(ish) shelf on my bookcase.  Well no.  It’s far from empty, but it’s not completely full of books.  This is the projects-in-progress shelf.  It’s where I keep the things I’m actively working on when they’re not actually in my hands.  In the background is a favorite picture (no really, you can totally hang a picture on the back of a bookcase, it looks kind of cool).  On the left (out of the picture) is a lamp and the faithful Alphonse.  Then there’s our lovely friend Percival wearing the mitts I need to get photographed.  Alphonse and Percival are keeping their projects safe from stray kitten fur until I can get the patterns released.  On the right is a giant candle holder in which I keep active project yarns.  Most of those are book yarns and are also being kept safe from kitten-based interference.  The wee black tab at the bottom right of the picture is the edge of a book end.  The book end is holding up the stack of research books for Book the Second (and yes I did carefully shift the picture so as to hide those titles).

Then at the front is the newest sock.  I’ve owed someone a pair of socks for some time now.  Sunday evening I found myself at a good pausing point in the book project, in possession of some really yummy yarn, and with more or less empty needles.  They’re coming out well, and are thick enough to be satisfyingly quick.  Which is good, because I’d better get them done soon before I fall completely in love with them.  I’ll show you more when they’re a bit bigger, but I thought I’d better show you some new knitting lest you think I’ve been brain washed and given up the needles all together.

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