Fat Sock Yarns
Published On: May 29, 2011

Alrighty, as promised, a list of a few of my favorite fat sock yarns.  Now it’s important to note, these are not the only good fat sock yarns out there.  I’m sure there are others, and I’m always looking for more.  So, with no further ado, and in no particular order, some of my favorites.

Nichole by Schaefer:  I love this yarn with an unreasonable passion.  It’s thick and smooshy, but still fits in shoes (at least my shoes, your shoes may vary).  It has a bit of nylon so it lasts forever.  I’ve had some socks in this for years and they’re still going strong.  And, in case that wasn’t enough, the yardage is super generous (5 oz, 405 yards) so you can make a nice tall pair of socks, even for big feet, out of just one skein.

Everlasting 8 Ply by Dream in Color:  This is a new(ish) yarn, and one well worth seeking out.  Eight tiny plies give it fabulous stitch definition.  There’s a 12 ply version too (I’m making socks with that right now, and they’re ridiculously thick and smooshy), but the 8 ply version is much closer to a traditional sock weight, though still substantial.  This is another one with generous yardage (420 yards).  The colors are fabulous too (with lots of rich dark shades that might appeal to guys).

Socks that Rock Mediumweight by Blue Moon Fiber Arts:  This is another old favorite.  The yarn itself is really tightly plied giving a a nice dense yarn with good stitch definition.  Blue Moon has a massive and ever changing range of colors (you could go a bit crazy trying to collect them all if you have that sort of inclination) and absolutely fabulous customer service. I have worn holes in some of my older Blue Moon socks, but since I started adding reinforcing thread in the heels, they’ve held up much better.

DK Lively by Hazelknits: This one’s new to me (I found it when picking yarns for Book the Second), but I’m completely taken with it.  It has the sort of tight dense structure that I look for in a fat sock yarn, plus a bit of nylon for durability.  The colors are delicious, and Wendee is amazingly helpful.  Keep an eye on the yardage (275 yards).  You may be able to get a pair out of one skein, but you may need two.

Cashbah by Hand Maiden:  I reach for my Casbah socks more than any of my others.  They strike the perfect balance between soft and sturdy.  They’ve developed just a bit of a fuzzy halo (after many many wears and washes), but they have held up marvelously.  The colors absolutely glow, and the cashmere makes them exceptionally warm.  I’ve got more in my stash and can’t wait to use it again.

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