The Master Plan
Published On: June 12, 2011

This book thing only works if you’re organized.  Well, it only works for me if I’m organized.  You may be as disorganized as you like.

This box is Book the Second.  You might think books live on the computer.  And large parts of this one certainly do.  But, by its very nature, a book like this has a certain physical component.  This box keeps that physical component safe and tidy.

A surprising number of you have asked about how the book is being managed, so I thought I’d share a bit. This is a giant plastic file box from some random office store.  It’s filled with a stack of folders.  And yes I did pay extra for the pretty folders.  I even tried to find a box whose lid color matched the folders.  Alas I could not manage it.  I’ve contented myself with sticking a few cupcake stickers on the side of the box and putting in the fortune cookie slip that seems to be guiding the whole process.  I am nothing if not easily amused.

Each folder has one of the projects in it.  The ten in front are socks, and the ten in back are…other things.  The contents of the folder vary depending on where each project is in the process.  Each starts out with a photo copy of the inspiration for the particular project. (That bit will make more sense when I get around to explaining just what the inspiration pieces are.  For now, make do with the knowledge that they are actual old things and should not be subjected to the vicissitudes of life in a plastic tub.)  When the yarn gets here, that’s added in too.  At some point, the swatches for the pattern gets tucked in there as well.  Once the pattern is finalized, the yarn itself (save for a bit held back for a mini skein for later pictures) goes out to a brave and valiant sample knitter.  The tag stays in the folder (because I would really hate to misidentify a yarn).

When the project comes back, it goes in there too. Like, say, these lacy purple things which just might be the prettiest socks I’ve ever seen.

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