Guard Kitten
Published On: June 27, 2011

It seems it’s more or less mandatory for knitters to have kittens.  Or if not mandatory, at least strongly encouraged.  I don’t know if the knitting makes us more likely to like kittens (both require a certain tolerance for lint/fluff on your favorite black pants) or if the kittens make us more likely to like knitting (both require a certain tolerance for frustration).  Either way, I have the requisite two kittens.

Now it’s usually Barry who makes an appearance here.  He’s the woolier of the two kittens.  Or so I thought.  It turns out that maybe Levon has a wooly streak too.  He’s taken to perching on top of the magic box for Book the Second.  I’ve decided he’s guarding it from any roving wool brigands that might be marauding in the area.  His dedication to the cause is much appreciated.  And yes, if you peer closely, you can see that several of the folders are all filled up with finished projects.  Maybe Levon is keeping me from spending too much time petting the finished knitting by offering himself up instead.

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