Book Yarn, Part V
Published On: July 1, 2011

Look at me, all alive and more or less lucid.  The giant project is still giant, but it has been divided into (ever so slightly more) reasonable pieces, and I have a plan.  Having a plan is key.  It helps you explain what went wrong when you find yourself in a back alley in Ecuador with a live chicken under one arm, a book of Greek philosophy under the other, and a dead flashlight clutched between your teeth.  If you hadn’t had a plan that would just be confusing.  If you’d had a plan at one point, you’ve at least got somewhere to start when the policeman asks what you’re doing.

So. Yarn. You’re here for the yarn.

On the left is Sundara Yarns DK Silky Cashmere in the color Black Cherry.  This is a really marvelous 55/45 silk cashmere blend.  It is, also, tragically discontinued.  There was no hint of this when I was picking yarns for the book.  It’s one of the risks of choosing yarns for any pattern, and it’s especially problematic when doing something like a book that has longer lead times between the yarn picking stage and the final product.  But the good news is that Sundara has found another yarn that is very similar (a tiny bit more cashmere, what a hardship) and will be a splendid substitute.

On the right is Sundara Yarns Sock in the color Dahlia.  It’s a nice sturdy merino sock with a good feel and a pleasantly round profile.  One of the best things about Sundara Yarns are the colors.  Each month there are a few new colors and a little story about their inspiration.  Sometimes they make it into the permanent rotation, sometimes not.  Either way, they are always splendid.  This was one of those special colors.  Only time will tell if it makes it onto the permanent roster, but it was too perfect not to include.  I’m fairly picky about pink, and this one is just lovely.  I couldn’t pass it by.

Back on Tuesday with a shiny new pattern.

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