Published On: July 25, 2011

I leave for Sock Summit tomorrow.  Let us all pause for a moment to make the appropriate ‘squeeee’ noises in celebration. Of course leaving for a trip means packing.  I’m good at packing.  It’s not that hard.  The plan goes something like this:

1) do not get arrested for public indecency (pants, check: shirts, check: foundation garments, check)

2) do not offend anyone with your lack of personal hygiene (toothbrush, check: soap, check: deodorant, check)

3) strive for a basic level of presentably (hairbrush, check: face stuff, check: possibly some sort of jewelry, check)

4) be prepared to entertain yourself (computer, check: camera, check: books, check)

It takes an hour tops.

Then there’s the knitting.  I seriously put more thought and time into that than into the rest of it combined.  But, I do (finally) have it streamlined and sorted for this trip.

In the zig zag bag is the first Lithic sock, the appropriate needles and yarn for the second sock, and the tiny scrawl of a postit that is serving as my ‘pattern notes’ for that sock.  In the plaid bag is the green mental health sock, the appropriate needles for its mate (these start on big needles and go down to little ones so I need both).  In the pink and yellow bag is ‘class stuff.’

This one was the hardest.  I have four tiny snippets of homework knitting, plus a pile of yarn bits and needles and other tools.  I just want to keep it all contained to one small project bag to make it easier to lug it to and from class every day (along with the camera…and the ipad…and the purse…and water…it all gets heavy by the end of the day).

The green socks are going in the carry on, the class stuff and gray socks are going in checked baggage.  Everyone keep happy thoughts that the TSA follows their own rules and has no problem with knitting stuff on the plane.

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