Sock Summit Part I, In Which We Arrive and are Refreshed
Published On: July 28, 2011

In an attempt to prove my love, I’m going to try and keep up with the blog while we’re at Sock Summit.  I may instead fall into a yarn-based stupor and disappear completely.  If that happens, know that I died happy.

We arrived on Tuesday after a trip that was all you could ask for.  The plane got where we expected, when we expected, and with our suitcases in tow.  We did not have a personal encounter with any member of the TSA.  No one said anything about taking knitting on the plane.  We made our way down to Portland (flying into Seattle is quicker — non-stop flight — and cheaper than flying into Portland) and found our hotel without an undue level of navigational angst.

Wednesday we headed over to Clear Creek Distillery to sample some of the local good cheer.  Then we went to Powells.  Just to make it clear…if I have any say in the matter, this is where I’ll go when I die.  They had a Sock Summit end cap and had put little shelf tags up to highlight teachers’ books.  Then we swung by Cascade Brewing Barrel House for lunch (and what may be the single best beer I’ve ever had, a honey ginger rye…tastes like grown up ginger ale.  If you’re anywhere near the area go have some.  Now.  I’ll wait.)  We finished the evening by meeting some friends for dinner at Deschutes Brewery.

Then I turned in for the evening, as I had a rather important engagement the next morning.  I’ll tell you all about the first day of Sock Summit the next time I manage to sneak away from the yarn long enough to type.

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