Sock Summit Part III, In Which More Knitters and a Bit of Yarn are Located
Published On: July 31, 2011

The second day of Sock Summit was marked by less flailing and more shopping. I started the morning with the always-charming Mr. Habit’s class on tessellations. Then I hit the market to pick up one or two things I hadn’t grabbed the day before. Then maybe one or two more.  Along the way I ran into lots of lovely friends I don’t get to see often enough and made a few new ones too.  The afternoon was spent with the talented Ann Budd in her marvelously informative class on cast-ons and bind-offs.  Then I may just possibly have swung back by the marketplace once more.  Just to be safe you understand.

Oh, and as requested, one (very bad…the lighting in the market is just dreadful) picture of that little project I mentioned once or twice earlier in the year.  There it is, right out in the open at the Cooperative Press booth like a real book.  And I’m pretty sure a few folks even bought them, as Shannon kept handing me copies to sign.  Deeply surreal I assure you.  If you’re there you can swing by and see the socks in person, as well as a bunch of socks from some of the other upcoming books.

The Boy spent the day happily engaged at the Oregon Brewers Festival.  He also happened to spend the previous day there.  He assures me he was quite content and somehow managed not to spend the entire time lamenting my absence.  He’s stoic that way.

That evening we were far too tired to be good responsible visitors to this fair city, so we ordered in pizza to our hotel room.  It’s actually become something of a tradition on longer trips for us to occasionally summon food to us (as opposed to actually going out and finding it).  Every now and then, you simply need to eat dinner in your pajamas, and the finer class of restaurant tends to frown on that.

Up next, our little argument with the sea (hint, the sea wins but we live to fight another day) and the end of our Sock Summit adventures.

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