Awfully Nifty
Published On: August 23, 2011

So I think I’ve explained before that my knitting isn’t actually anything all that special.  Now to be fair, I’m a perfectly competent knitter.  More importantly, I’m good at looking stuff up if I don’t know how to do it.  But I’m not one of those people who turn out miles and miles of beautifully even knitting.  And really, I’m ok with that.  I’ve been knitting socks for less than four years (and my pre-sock knitting was limited to two weeks where I learned how and two weeks where I made a few terrible scarves with a several year break in between those episodes).  I’m getting better over time, so maybe someday I’ll be one of those superstar knitters.  But I’m not there yet.

But, by skipping that time-consuming ‘get really good at it yourself’ step and moving straight on to the ‘be all bossy and write patterns that tell other folks what to do’ step, I get to see people who are spectacular knitters make my designs.  It really is the coolest thing ever.  As proof, I offer the lovely work of Beth of Woolgathering.  She entered socks made from one of my patterns in her local fair and she won.  Now obviously she won because of all the skill and work and time she put into knitting them.  My pattern had only the tiniest part in the whole thing.  Yet somehow, somehow it’s still totally thrilling.

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