Not So Smooth
Published On: August 29, 2011

I occasionally get messages complaining that my knitting always looks better than that of the writer.  Seriously folks, this is because I cheat.  I tend to only show you the pretty stuff.  The stuff that isn’t working out?  That gets tossed against the wall and sworn at and then ripped.  But just so you know it happens, here’s an example of something that isn’t working out.

Now this had promise.  The stitch pattern is pleasing, yarn is lovely, the beads are shiiiiiiiiiiny, and the silk thread is interesting to work with.  See?  Far too pretty to throw away.

But this is a case where the whole is so much less than the sum of the parts.  I think its because all the colors are just too similar. The yarn and the beads and the thread all sort of blur together and nothing really pops.  So, I’ll be ripping (which to be honest, is no fun at all with two strands plus beads), separating it, and finding another plan.  And I have a suspicion the plan will involve just that purple yarn because it’s just singing to me and trying to sweet talk me into finding a better use for it.

And just to provide a counterpoint for my beaded failure, tomorrow I’ll introduce you to someone who does all sorts of nifty things with beads (and have a little giveaway to spread the love).

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