Tick Tock
Published On: September 30, 2011

Folks, have you looked at a calendar lately?  I’m less than two weeks away from the book’s photoshoot.  Do you have any idea how cool that is?  Do you have any idea how nerve wracking that is?  The balance between cool and nerve wracking shifts from moment to moment.  To cope, I’m going into super organized mode (yes, scarily enough, it is actually possible to be more organized than I usually am).

As part of this organizational frenzy, I’m reblocking most everything for the book.  Some of it had been folded up in the box, and those folds sort of took (it’s been humid, I shouldn’t be surprised).  Since I like to totally soak things when I block them (none of this squirt bottle nonsense for me), it can take a while for things to dry.  Hence the early start.

I’ve now discovered that I can block seven things at once with the props/pins/space available to me…three pairs of socks, two mitts, one hat, and one cowl.  My office looks (and, ahem, smells) like a flock of wet and very colorful sheep went on a bender.  Once these are dry I’ll be tagging them with their super special notes for the photoshoot and carefully laying them (flat) in the box I’m preparing for the big day.

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