Published On: October 19, 2011

I like Heifer International.  They do good things.  Every now and then, I give them money.  As a result, I seem to be on their mailing list.  The other day, I got a nice fat envelope from them.  Inside was a stack of holiday cards.  Really cute holiday cards.

Now we’ve already established that I’m a giant grinch and don’t do holidays.  But if I were less heartless and dead inside, these would totally be the cards I’d send.  I show them to you on the off chance that you’re the good, caring, holiday-celebrating type who does send cards.  I thought these might appeal, what with the wooly goodness (those are sledding bunnies wrapped in woolens in the background) and the blatant pro-knitting imagery (why yes that is a knitting llama and a skein-holding sheep) and the helping a good cause thing.   They’re called Animal Art Holiday Cards if you’re likewise smitten.

My current plan is to do a bit of surgery to the cards (stripping off the holiday part and leaving me with post cards) and send them to the children of unsuspecting friends as ‘happy snow’ propaganda.

And just because I know it will come up, yes I do write with a fountain pen.  I love them and I swear they make my otherwise impossible handwriting almost legible.  And yes I do bring a little cream pitcher upstairs to my desk with my tea.  I like my tea very very creamy.  I know it’s a character flaw, but I’m comfortable with that.

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