You Know You’re A Knitter When…
Published On: October 23, 2011

We seem to go to two different sorts of shows.  There’s the buy your ticket ahead of time, get an assigned seat, wear grownup clothes, sit quietly, watch attentively, applaud politely sort.  Like the Tuvan throat singing concert.  Very grown up.  Then there’s the the buy your ticket at the door, stand around for an hour drinking beer before the show, wear your jeans, hop up and down and sing along sort.  Both are totally valid and plenty of fun.  It is generally easier to knit at the first sort (you are sitting down and the chances that someone will spill beer on your knitting are far lower), but I’ve been known to try at the second sort too.  But on Friday when we went to see Enter the Haggis (yes again, they play here a lot, and it’s more fun than sitting home watching tv), I didn’t take any knitting with me.  But that doesn’t mean it was a knitting free evening.

It turned out the girl standing next to me was wearing a cardigan with a lovely stitch pattern on the sleeve.  I totally snuck (spell check tells me this should be ‘sneaked’ not ‘snuck’ but I can’t bring myself to believe it’s true) a picture of the sleeve.  I don’t think she noticed.  It didn’t look to be a hand-knit sweater, so I didn’t want to freak her out by explaining why I was taking a picture of her shoulder, so it seemed best not to be noticed.  And while it’s not a good picture, it is enough to file away in my little pile of knitting ideas for future use.

Of course I took the odd picture of the show too, but getting decent pictures of energetic folks flailing enthusiastically in eccentric lighting is surprisingly challenging.  You’ll have to make do with this less-than-impressive attempt and take my word for it that it was a fun show.

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