Getting Old
Published On: November 1, 2011

I’m apparently reaching the stage of crotchety-old-man-hood characterized by the liberal use of the phrase ‘when I was a kid…’  I’m actually fairly comfortable with this, but I do find it amusing.

Trick or treat was…anti-climactic.  We had somewhere around two dozen kids or groups of kids over the course of two hours. I feel like we’ve had more in previous years and that they were more polite in the past.  I get cranky when the kids don’t participate in the ritual…I want to see a costume, I want to hear ‘trick or treat’ (super duper bonus points if they’re little enough that it comes out ‘twick owr tweat’), and I want the kid to say ‘thank you’ at the end.  I’d say about one kid in four managed all three, and maybe half managed the thank you part.

In any case, it was an excuse to sit on the porch, eat candy, and knit for two hours.  It was a bit chilly, but I had a new coat and scarf, and I wore some mitts and it wasn’t too bad.  I finished up this little cuff (it goes with the possibly-bug-adorned hat), and I am smitten with it.  Like the hat, it is asymetric and can be worn inside out or rightside out as the mood strikes you.  It’s the same yarn base as the hat, but it’s a solid.  It picks up one of the colors in the hat though, so I declare that they go together if I want them to.

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