Getting Organized
Published On: November 3, 2011

Some time this weekend (when depends entirely on when I wake up), I’m going to go through and change the prices on some of my patterns.  The goal here is to make the prices consistent across types of patterns.  When I’m done, all sock patterns will be the same price, and all the other sorts of patterns and pattern sets will be more consistently priced.  It means the prices of some patterns will be going up (not a lot…most of the changes will be less than a dollar).  But I wanted to give everyone a heads up so no one is surprised.

And in case you’re worried the price will go up on something you’ve been considering, I’m putting all the individual patterns on sale for 15% off from now till the end of the day (eastern time) on November 5.  Just go to the store, put everything you want in your cart, hit the ‘use a coupon code’ button in the cart, type in ‘Violently Domestic’ and hit the ‘apply’ button.  You’ll see the discount right away.

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