Saturday Evening Post
Published On: November 7, 2011

I had two things I was supposed to do this weekend.  Usually those things happen on Sunday evening.  This weekend, I was feeling unusually noble and productive, so I did them on Saturday morning.

Most of this week has been spent with my ears attuned to the tromp of the postman’s step on the porch.  I’ve been (none too patiently) waiting for the photos for the book.

Just as I sat down to work on Saturday, I heard the postman come.  I decided it was a reward for my virtue and dashed to the door.  Bills — no pics.  I went back to work and finished the first of the day’s two scheduled tasks.  Just as I finished, I heard another thud from the porch.  We often get letters in one delivery and packages in a second, so I dashed down again.  It was a package, but not the pics.  We never get more than two deliveries, so I resigned myself to waiting till Monday and got back to work.  The very moment I finished the second task I heard a third thump on the porch.  And yes, this time it was the pictures.

Apparently the universe is trying to tell me that good things happen when I sit down and do my work.  I dumped them on my computer (and immediately set them to backing up somewhere safe…this book is the most backed up book in the history of typing).  The rest of the afternoon was spent in a blur of ooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaah and squeal. The pics are flipping fabulous and I love them.  I think you will too.

I’ll be showing them to you, just as soon as I get the next book’s website ready (likely some time shortly after Thanksgiving). Until then, I’ll just have to gloat over them in private!

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