Published On: November 10, 2011

From time to time, even the nicest yarn has little slubs and snags.  This is, at most, an irritation.  It’s much less of a problem than knots.  Knots mean you’ve got extra ends to weave in and they can mean breaks in the color progression.  Slubs often just mean a quick twist to fix.  But since I’ve heard of folks cutting out slubs, I thought I’d show you how I fix them.  This is pretty basic, but I know the last several folks I mentioned it to were gobsmacked that you could fix these things, so…I thought I’d share.


This is what I mean by a slub.  See how there’s a bit of fluff sticking out from the strand of the yarn?  It’s kind of ugly, and it would wear poorly if you left it there and just knit it as it is, but it’s easy to fix.

Just pinch the yarn on either side of the slub (an inch or two out) and untwist the plies of the yarn.  You don’t need a clamp, I’ve just used it to hold the yarn open while I take the picture.  All you need is your fingers.  Twist until the plies are loose from each other.  Give the whole thing a gentle tug or two.

Now twist the yarn back together.  Give it another gentle tug.  Most of the time, the slub just sort of disappears.  If it doesn’t, just do the whole thing again once or twice but over a longer stretch of yarn.  It may not be totally perfect, but it will be much less noticeable and won’t show when it’s knit up.

Isn’t that better than cutting it out?  No yarn wasted, no ends to weave in, no tools needed.

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