Published On: November 21, 2011

This was supposed to happen Tuesday, but it’s ready now and I’m not the patient type, so I’ve jumped the gun and done it today.

Both the weather and The Boy proved exceptionally agreeable, and many photos were taken.  While the sorry state of our yard is usually something of a shame to me, this time it turned out to be quite convenient.  There were plenty of piles of leaves to serve as handy backdrops.  And our decrepit and alarmingly mossy fence cheerfully lent its services as well (I’m really not sure how it’s still standing, but I’m not going to go out of my way to investigate).

All of which means the socks are now available.  They’re called Whippersnapper, and you can find them over on ravelry.

They’re available in two sizes (a 56 stitch version and a 64 stitch version) and they’re marvelously unisex.  These are simple to make (you’ll have them memorized in no time), but the cabling is enough to keep you from getting bored to death some time around the middle of foot.  Even better, they’re mirrored, so your chances of finishing the second one are better than usual.  If you know someone who deserves a new pair of socks (or if you deserve a pair yourself), these might be just the thing.

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