Proof of Concept
Published On: December 13, 2011

You know that your friends have accepted that you do the whole blog thing when they send you shots of your knitting in action, complete with disclaimer saying it’s ok to use them on the site.  Isn’t living in the future cool?  Digital cameras and email and blogs and countless other bits of impressive technology all working seamlessly together in the service of knitting.  The world is looking up.

Fingers crossed it helps keep their coffee hot long enough to drink it!  They’ve got two energetic kiddos, so I’m sure the caffeine comes in handy.

And you guys totally rock.  The wee hats are selling briskly.  I’ll be able to send a nice check off to the Food Bank (or, you know, click the button on their website, not actually mail a paper check–have to keep up that living in the future thing).  I’m going to send the first donation in January (I figure they get lots of donations in December, and could maybe use some extra help in January too).  You guys are awesome for helping me do this!

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