Inexplicable Urge
Published On: December 20, 2011

So that inexplicable urge I mentioned the other day?  It’s run its course and I can now tell you about it.  There was a point in my misspent youth and childhood where I had a bit of a paper fetish.  I was totally the kid folding her exam paper into some sort of unexpected sculpture while I waited for class to be over.

So the other day I became absolutely convinced that the world would be a better place if it contained a Christmas tree covered in origami figures of fiber animals.  And really, it would.  Think of it.  SheepRabbitsGoats.  Even the odd llama (they say it’s a horse…they are wrong) or camel.

This plan fell down on several fronts–1) I don’t do a Christmas tree. 2) I don’t actually like to fold the same thing more than a few times, which makes it hard to fill a tree. 3) I have no time to do this and no longer have a stack of appropriate paper tucked away in the closet.  But someone out there reading this likely does.  And someone out there reading this likely should make a bunch of these and adorn their tree.  I tried to link to fairly easy instructions.  All you need is thin paper…even wrapping paper would work.  Can you imagine this in a yarn store?  Or just on your tree at home?  You could even fold some socks or mittens.  You know you want to…give in.  And then take pictures so I can live through you.

And the socks and mittens are totally getting added to my list of things I can fold without the diagrams so I can make them when the urge strikes.  Because they’re so flipping cute I could die.  And because I’m easily entertained.

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