Published On: December 23, 2011

Last one…next post I promise actual wool.  But today is my birthday and I’m going to be exactly as lazy as I want to be (hint: very).  That means a short blog post, a breakfast featuring chocolate chip waffles made by someone else, some ridiculously simple yet oddly entrancing knitting, an awful lot of board games, and absolutely no chance of getting out of my pajamas.

Oh, it also means that there’s a wee tiny sale.  Today and tomorrow (through 11:59pm eastern time December 24th), buy one pattern get one free (everything except the books).  To take advantage:

1) Visit my ravelry store, find 2 patterns you like, and put them in your ravelry cart (you have to use the ‘add to cart’ option, not the ‘buy it now’ option).

2) Once both patterns are in your cart, go to the checkout.

3) Hit the ‘use a coupon code’ button, type ‘Birthday!’ in the little box, and hit ‘apply.’  The total will immediately update…if it doesn’t something has gone wrong…try again.

4) Hit ‘checkout now,’ go through the payment process, and enjoy your new patterns.

And yes, you can use the coupon more than once.  Just start over at step 1 and pick 2 more patterns.  Rinse and repeat until you’re set!

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