Just Right
Published On: December 28, 2011

I’m more or less in love with this hat.  It’s ridiculously simple, unreasonably tall, and quite possibly the warmest hat in the history of yarn.  I can’t decide how I like it best…as shown there (with the top flopped over), with the brim folded up once and only a bit of pouf on the top, or with the brim folded up twice so it sits more firmly against the top of my head.  Then there’s the always amusing option of wearing it inside out.  I may also have made a giant tassel to slip in to the top as the mood strikes.

I think the reason it is so satisfying is that it has just the right amount of ridiculousness.  It is not in any way serious.  It is not delicate or subtle or refined.  It is not sophisticated.  It is not glamorous.  It is not anything other than what it is…a slightly goofy, very warm hat.  Which is good, since the weather seems to have finally gotten the message about that whole ‘winter’ thing and gotten cold.  Some time this weekend I’ll try and get pictures of the various incarnations of the hat on a person (rather than an Alphonse) and see if I can convey the full majesty of this creation.

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