One Down
Published On: January 3, 2012

See, I told you it was making progress.  I’m rather taken with these.  What do you think, do they work for you too?  The color here is a tiny bit off, but it’s snowing outside and I don’t feel like either putting on my coat or going outside in my jammies.  You’ll have to just imagine it a bit more orange and a bit less pink.

The mate to this one is on the needles now, but is making slow progress.  It’s not the pattern’s fault though.  Not at all.  The pattern is surprisingly close to autopilot knitting (despite what it looks like…it’s kind of magic).

You see, we just got season one of Breaking Bad from the library.  Then we fell over gobsmacked with the goodness of it all.  Then we went and procured season two…and made plans to procure seasons three and four (and don’t tell me what happens…we’re just on season two and don’t want spoilers).  The show is good enough I actually watch it…with my eyes.  Normally I listen to tv while watching my knitting.  Or I split the watching between the tv and the knitting…it makes watching tv feel more productive.  But not for this show.  For this show I don’t want to look away, and I can’t quite do these socks without looking.  It’s totally slowing me down.

I know there’s a person or two anxious to get these on their needles though, and I don’t want you to despair, they’ll almost certainly be the next thing I write up.  Fingers crossed I’ll have it up for testing some time around Monday.

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